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Events - Party Testimonial

I wanted to have a party for my husband on his 75th birthday but knew he wouldn’t want a celebration. I wanted to do the party at our country club but couldn’t invite everyone who knows my husband. I also had concerns that someone at the club would let it slip and inform my husband of the surprise.

I told Jill at Norcal Events and she took everything from there. She made arrangements with the club, only enlisting my help where I wanted to give input.  Jill worded the “save the date” request and the invitation so very diplomatically that none of the invitees talked about the party at the club…. and no one told my husband and spoiled the surprise.

We had over one hundred people at the party and it couldn’t have been easier for me. I only had to tell a few little fibs to my husband and Jill took care of every little detail. I got to be a guest and enjoy myself at the party.

Jill decided on a theme that couldn’t have been more appropriate to the occasion. Jill had special wine labels made with photos of my husband. The tables and table for “roasters” were decorated perfectly for the “Rat Pack” theme. She had balloons at the windows, the room looked beautiful. Jill coordinated with the entertainer and the “roasters”, she did such a great job that my husband was totally surprised. Everyone of the guests had a great time, no one left early but then, no one leaves one of Jill’s events early.

If you want to have an event done with class and attention paid to the smallest detail, my suggestion is to call Jill, she will not disappoint, she will exceed your expectations….. and with a gracious smile.

Karyn Morelli